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Have you experienced a REAL BREATHING?

Use OPUMP to enhance lung function and improve your breathing. Whether you have a weak lung or want a stronger body, it works.

Activate your powerful lung

Strengthening vital capacity, learning better breathing methods, can effectively enhance physical fitness, and can also inhibit the emerge of lung diseases.

It is extremely important to use the correct breathing training method, the wrong method will make your breathing training meaningless.

Your digital breathing coach

Help you to effectively complete the breathing training course, develop good breathing habits, and record your every breathing state.

You can learn about your progress from training records, and better breathing performance can bring you a better physical condition.

There's always something for you

Provide a variety of breathing training courses, including enhancing lung capacity, enhancing lung function, training breathing rhythm, helping to restore lung damage and improve breathing difficulties.

These courses can improve physical fitness, improve sleep quality, increase lung strength, make breathing easier.

The most important breathing partner

OPUMP will be your important breathing partner, combining new digital breathing training hardware with powerful software. And it’s always evolving-regular updates mean you can get new features to maximize the effectiveness and diversity of your breathing training.

Effect of breathing training

Long-term breathing training can improve various functions of the body and improve the endurance and strength of the respiratory muscles. For every 1CM decrease in the diaphragm, the lung volume increases by 250-300ML.

Who needs breathing training?

People who love sports and fitness

When you exercise, your bodies uses the air to fuel your muscles so they can function properly. Breathing training can enhance physical fitness, strengthen lung capacity, and improve endurance.

People who fight the virus

Breathing exercises can, strengthen your lungs, which can reduce virus impact on your respiratory system, also improved lung ventilation, which is the ability of the lungs to expel carbon dioxide and stale air.

People with lung impairment

Breathing exercises can help manage breathlessness during lung impairment. Enhance lung function through breathing exercises, restore strength to the lungs, and regain healthy lungs

People who are long-term smoker

Age, smoking, pollution, and other factors can cause the lungs to work less efficiently. Strengthening lung exercises can slow down the lung damage caused by smoking and reduce the probability of disease (such as COPD)

People with wheezing and chest tightness

Breathing exercises can help rid the lungs of accumulated stale air, increase oxygen levels and get the diaphragm to return to its job of helping you breathe, making breathing more smooth and efficient.

Unparalleled technology

OPUMP combines the most advanced technology to make digital breathing training easier and more effective.

MEMS film sensor

The self-developed ultra-high sensitivity MEMS thermal film sensor is used to accurately capture the speed and capacity of each airflow.

LED display

Real-time display of the captured air velocity and total amount through LED lights for easy observation

Small and Strong

Light weight and small size, easy to carry and use at any time, while working time can reach 10 hours


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